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You are officially enrolled in my webinar series, The Freedom Path System On-demand Program, where you'll learn how to find safety, freedom and renewal. You have made a beautiful life choice and I am so glad that I can help you along your journey.
You're about to learn my step-by-step system for creating the life you so deserve with a guide to help you create your ACTION PLAN to regain freedom for yourself and your children, if you are fortunate enough to have children. My system allows you to feel calm and confident, as you progress in your journey to
freedom, safey and life renewal. My system helps you every step of the way, and I will be there for you, also. I am excited to get started with you. So, rejoice! You have just made a powerful and positive change in your life.

Please be careful and always keep my communications and your plans private and in an inaccessible place or destroy them completely; and PLEASE change ALL passwords to your personal accounts, such as: credit card/banking accounts, Facebook, Twitter, and ESPECIALLY your email account!

Please make note that you may only download the
Safe and Unfound, Escaping Your Abuser eBook and audio files once, so I recommend downloading to a flash drive (an external memory card/stick), so that you may transport and view it wherever you go. It is, also, a good safety precaution.

I wish you great success and I look forward to serving you!

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