Book Contents




Introduction: My Story: One Woman’s Path to Freedom 

What is Domestic Violence? 

Domestic Violence Statistics 

Chapter One: Making the Decision to Leave 

Chapter Two: Acting Upon Your Decision 

Chapter Three: Your Safety Plan 

Chapter Four: The 10 Steps for Lockdown 

Chapter Five: Where to Go

Chapter Six: Protective Orders 

Chapter Seven: Anonymity 

Chapter Eight: Protective Measures & Security

Chapter Nine: Working Again & Finding Childcare  

Chapter Ten: Taking Action and Responsibility for Your Finances 

Chapter Eleven: Things to Think About 

Chapter Twelve: Placing a Freeze on Your Child’s Passport 

Appendix A: Locating Your Abuser for Safety Reasons 

Appendix B: Questions to Ask a Childcare Provider 

Final Words 


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Safe and Unfound, Escaping Your Abuser