This was not supposed to happen to me. I am sure many of you feel the same. I was on my way to having a beautiful life. I thought my life was starting out right, although as I became a young woman, I became aware of the fact that I was being raised by a physically and emotionally abusive mother, and passive father. Despite the hiccups in my life, I was happy and positive. I was well-educated, took ballet, played sports and did all the usual activities afforded a young girl.


For some reason, when I grew into a young woman, I always seemed to attract the wrong men. Whatever it was that drew these men to me, I cannot explain. Sure, some of the nice ones liked me too, but they were too boring. I had a great desire to be loved, and when a man would shower torrents of kindness upon me and would finally win me, that is when his dark side was revealed and the abuse was unleashed.


Later in life, when I decided to marry, I ended up with the biggest bully of all. I was abused emotionally, physically & financially. How I got there is anyone’s guess. I just knew that I had to get myself and my baby away from this creature of insanity, and I had to make sure that he would never bother us again.


Whatever our stories are for finding ourselves in an environment of abuse, we now have a program to help us find safety, freedom and renewal with an awesome support system. What I am going to teach you in my program, is how you can get out of your abusive situation and never have to look back. I will show you how to get the help you need and show you how you can take practical steps to find freedom and safety from your abuser. I want you to make it through, and live the life that you and your children deserve.


This program is compased of strategies and the most necessary tools that you need right now presented by educated and experienced professionals who have seen it first-hand and know how to get you on the right path no matter where you are in your struggle.


I could not find any resource that could help me with all of my questions or give me guidance to find a way out of my abusive situation. That is why I have written the book, Safe and Unfound, Escaping Your Abuser, and recently created “The Freedom Path System, Life Renewal Program,” to assist and guide you along your secure path. I want you to not only survive, but thrive. Help is right here, so please accept my help and the expertise from my special guests within my program, whom are experts in the fields of mindset, law, strategy, and healing. All you have to do is say "Yes" to yourself. So, say "Yes" and let's get you on the right track to getting you the life you deserve, starting right now.   Janice Taylor





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