The Freedom Path System™ is a program for victims of domestic violence,

who are ready to find Safety, Freedom & Renewal


I am a fellow survivor and survival specialist to victims around the world. I need your help to get my lifesaving program,

The Freedom Path System, Life Renewal Program, to those who are suffering, so that they may have the information and resources to help them break free and renew their lives. Because most victims are subjected to financial abuse, they cannot afford my program. This is where you can help. Please lend your support. I have greatly discounted my program,

so that we can help as many people as possible.


Here is what is included:

 The Freedom Path System™ Life Renewal Program audio 5-part series, 
  including the ...

Safe and Unfound, Escaping Your Abuser©  

strategic guidebook

which include these topics and much more ...

Session 1: Mindset, Acting Upon Your Decision, Strategies

Session 2: Protection, Strategies, Your Safety Plan, Resources

Session 3: Legal Protection, How to be Invisible, Security Measures

Session 4: Returning to the Workforce, Childcare, Finances

Session 5: Action Steps in the Aftermath

They will also receive these bonuses ...




     1)  Membership to my Private Facebook Group, where they can share with fellow victims

2)  Personal & Workplace Strategies

3)  My Interactive Resource Guide                   

  For more information, please visit: 

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