Elaine has an immense wealth of knowledge and

experience in career counseling. Even if you have

not worked in a long while, she can help you get

back on your feet again.

Anthony is a family law attorney, who has helped countless sufferers of domestic violence and abuse,

find safety for themselves and their children.

Jennifer is a former law enforcement officer and survivor of domestic abuse. She will answer your

legal questions and help strategize your exit plan.

Deborah is a mindset and realtionship coach, who can help guide you toward a healthier path and free you from the pain and fear that is keeping you trapped.

 Janice Taylor

Deborah McPhilemy

 Janice Taylor


Janice Taylor


Janice Taylor











Caroline is a master at helping you create the mindset

and focus to bring you back to the whole person God designed you to be. She is absolutely amazing and I

know that you will truly value this session.



Breaking the chains

           of fear
Getting unstuck,
 positive focus 
&  healthy renewal
  Legal & survival           
Legal advice
Career advice





What's included

Five LIVE 90 min. webinar sessions with myself and my Expert Guests Certified in Law, Survival Strategy, Career Coaching & Life Renewal ... answering your

toughest questions

and ...

Following your purchase,

you will receive a copy of my

newly released 2nd edition guidebook:

Safe and Unfound,

Escaping Your Abuser

Webinar line-up: available immediately

... for your convenience

Details: The webinars run approximately 1 1/2 hours. If you cannot make or stay for the entire webinar, no problem. You will be sent a link to the replay, shortly after the session has finished, so you won't miss a thing. We cover my member's deepest and most difficult questions in the webinar, but If you have further questions after the webinar's conclusion, please contact myself or my guests with your questions.


Structure of each webinar: Each session will begin with an educational piece (see below), presented by me. The educational content length varies by session, but they run approximately 30 minutes. During the last 45 minutes to an hour of each session, my guests and I answer your toughest questions. Thank you for being a part of our family of warriors and I look forward to serving you.

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The Freedom Path


LIVE Virtual Bootcamp

Program Content

Session 1: Mindset, Acting Upon Your Decision, Strategies

Session 2: Protection, Strategies, Your Safety Plan, Resources

Session 3: Legal Protection, How to be Invisible, Security Measures

Session 4: Returning to the Workforce, Childcare, Finances

Session 5: Action Steps in the Aftermath

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The Freedom Path System

LIVE Virtual Bootcamp

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